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BMA New Approach

A New Approach to Patient Treatment

Changes in Traditional Methods of Behavioral Medicine

Medical care has become increasingly specialized over the past twenty years.  Patients with specific medical problems are often seen in specialized treatment settings in which care is directed at the individual problem.  Behavioral health services (psychological services) have not kept pace with these changes.  Psychological care has traditionally been provided in separate, isolated psychology offices by a variety of mental health practitioners.  Because there still remains a stigma attached to psychological treatment, patient acceptance is low and medical referrals are few.

Behavioral Medicine Associates is unique as we provide psychological care to patients for specific medical problems at the offices of their treating physicians.

Behavioral health care provided by Behavioral Medicine Associates utilizes treatment approaches that are specific to a patient’s medical problem.  If the patient is suffering from a pain syndrome due to an accident, behavioral care is directed at coping with pain through the use of systematic, concrete and logical treatment plans.  Treatment focuses on the problem at hand, teaching patients skills to cope with their difficulties.  This skills-based approach is more widely accepted by patients, and provides rapid results.  Patients are not afraid that they are being “analyzed” or that they are considered “crazy.”

Physicians are more accepting of this approach; it is based upon the medical model of care and they are not fearful patients will be kept in treatment for an extended period of time.  Additionally, behavioral health care works in concert with medical treatment, allowing for a more positive medical result.